2018 schedule
​Casino - Partner Work Fundamentals 1 & 2  |   Saturdays @ 11.00 am
Rueda de Casino   |   Saturdays @ 12.00 pm (noon)

Ladies Cuban Style   |   Sundays @ 12.00 pm (noon)

​Open Salsa Practice   |   ​Saturdays from 1.00-3.00 pm​

Pricing Info

4-week Casino_______________$ 40.-

4-week Rueda de Casino_______$ 40.-

4-week Ladies Cuban Style _____$ 40.-

Flex Pass | 5 classes__________$ 60.-

Flex Pass | 10 classes_________$ 100.-

Drop-in_____________________$ 15.-

Open Salsa Practice___________$ 5.-

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What is Casino Dancing?
Casino is a social dance developed in mid 1950s’ in Havana, Cuba. It’s the evolution of different dancing genres: Contradanza, Danza, Danzon, Chachacha, Mambo y Son. People start dancing this new form at the Sports Clubs (Casinos Deportivos) which were referred to as “Casinos”.

Usually marketed as Cuban Salsa, Casino Dance (it’s real name) reached the top of popularity in the 70's. and early 80’s. Casino is danced with a partner and also in formations called Ruedas (“wheel” or circle where two or more couples switch partners).

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Casino Dance Partner work

Classes are structured in 4-week series. Each session covers specific material and builds upon the previous one. Students are encouraged to attend all 4 classes in order to move forward in the training.

Casino Fundamentals Level 1

No previous experience required. Covers the foundation of Casino:

• Basics steps and choreographic structure

• Partner work: basic positions, lead and follow technique & connection

• Core moves 1

• Timing and musicality

Casino Fundamentals Level 2

Must successfully complete Fundamentals Level 1.

• Core moves 2

• Timing and musicality

• Traveling moves

Casino Transition & Flow Level 1

Must complete Fundamentals Level 2.

• Lead and follow connection

• Spatial awareness

• Variations from basic moves

• Linking moves

Casino Transition & Flow Level 2

Keep moving forward executing all basic moves. We cover and develop:

• Lead and follow connection

• Spatial awareness

• Variations from basic moves

• Organizing basic moves into more complex figures

Performance Team

Participants need to feel comfortable with Cuban Dances as Casino and Son. Some knowledge of Rumba and other Afro Cuban dances are not required but will be covered during the training. This 90 minutes class focuses in learning new original choreography. The goal for this group is develop different routines to be performed in different venues.

Open Salsa Practice

This is a Drop in social/practice open to all levels. General public are welcomed to dance and practice weekly their own moves in a relaxed and friendly environment. The goal is socialize and have fun for 2 hours.